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Provision always had to be made for the storing of wine. First, wine was stored in holes dug in clay, later in clay and stone dishes; then, from the time of the ancient world, in dishes carved from logs made of wood that can hardly be called barrels. The first barrels in the present sense were made in ancient Greece, from bands made from staves and wooden twigs.


Over the centuries, as winemaking developed, the development of barrel-making – the cooper’s trade – was also necessary.

Old masters learned by experience which types of wood they could use to make barrels, and what methods and tricks to use.

They learned that the best barrels can be made from oak, as, after the appropriate preparation, this type of wood is able to dovetail with the wine in the most harmonious way. Oak has been used for barrel-making for at least 600-700 years. And the economical use of wood is necessary.

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